The days are starting to get into a routine. Get up at 12pm, loaf on the beach waiting for the phone to ring, finally go get the model at 3-4 pm (She said she’d be up by 11 am but I knew there wasn’t a hope in hell!) Scramble around shooting til 9pm as the light fades – though in this case that wasn’t a problem as the sunset light was just great. Finish the shoot and then head off into the wild West End for another night on the lash. And funnily enough the club stills this time are from Lashed at Eden. This gets my hot tip for being one of the big nights this year – Really full on hard house, to the point of being virtually un-dancable.

And todays girl is… Angel. Skinny as a stick with no boobs to speak of, but great legs and a damn good shoot considering this was her first time ever in front of the camera.