Series 4 ~ Photos ~ Saturday 13 February

Regina is not your typical young blonde babe. There is a naughty look in her eyes that clearly shows she is capable of spontaneous, delightful mischief. It is a pleasure to see how perfectly trimmed she keeps what little pussy hair she does have right above her pink slit. Her boobs are small but not so small that you can’t fit them perfectly inside the palms of your hands. Stripping naked is something that gets Regina very horny, so don’t act surprised when she starts to reach for her tits and runs her delicate fingers over her nipples until they get nice and hard. As you can expect her hands soon fall below her waist and start to rub her pussy. She leans back on the bed and spreads her lips wide for the camera. There are several breathtaking close-up shots of her juicy pink pussy and tight little asshole that you will not want to miss. This is Regina’s 4th series on Simonscans, but definitely not her last.

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