Series 8 ~ Photos ~ Wednesday 6 February

Juliette is the kind of blonde babe that most men find extremely hard to resist. She is not only cute and shy-looking, but also very, very seductive. She has that classic blonde babe sex appeal combined with a kinky look that says she is capable of extreme and spontaneous naughtiness. This 23 year-old blonde sex goddess is wearing a flaming red dress and no underwear underneath. Like all other Simonscans models Lilly is both young and beautiful… and simply irresistible. First she pulls one boob out, then the other, and then she squeezes them together in a playful and teasing manner. When Lilly lifts her dress above her waist, we can see that she keeps her pussy perfectly trimmed. Then surprise, out of nowhere she produces and incredibly large blue dildo that slides perfectly into her perfect pink hole. She sticks it in and out, from the front and the back, and does not stop until she reaches an overwhelming orgasm that is completely genuine.

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