Just when it was all going so well, I had to fiddle and bust it. Suzi you will possibly recognise from numerous other sites, most notably ALSScans (yes, its where I  kinda got the idea for Simonscans!) Not only is she very fit indeed she was proper fun and I think I’m correct in thinking I shot more sets of her than any other model so far this trip at nine sets, including three videos.  xd6k6328.jpg

We were doing so well in the last appartment it seemed like a great idea to move to a different one in the same building, just for the variety. Bad idea, no more WiFi. Which meant a trek to Mickey D’s to connect from there. Not a major problem for a spot of emailing but not really ideal for blogging or uploading sets to the site. This explains why its all gone a little quiet on the blog for the last few days. We have one more week booked with five more shoots, but I have to admit I’m having fun. The girls have all been lovely, really pretty and just fun to work with, so I’m very very tempted to extend for an extra week, we’re still only about a third of the way through the A list of models so it makes sense. I just wonder if I’ll fall over in a sobbing porned out heap if I push it too far?