Only one shoot today – Sara – I could now claim, based on the pic of her striding down the street, that I just stopped her right then and there and offfered her a bunch of cash and she said, “Hell yes, I’d love to do porn with you for $500” But you know that would be total bullshit – It just doesn’t happen that way in real life. The girls who do porn are no different to the girls YOU know for real, there’s no secret formula to meeting that rare breed of nympho girl who exists everywhere in porn, but strangely, not down your street. Finding girls ISN’T just about cruising around in a pickup and shouting at the fit ones as you drive by, it’s usually its a frustrating grind of answering paranoid text messages from wary girls who simply will not pick up if you ring them or meeting up with loads of no hopers who you’re 90% certain will pike out long before the shoot, just to find one or two girls who’ll do – if you squint your eyes and the light is low!