Ibiza 2007: The story so far.

I guess it all went quiet for a week or so, with no updates on the blog to speak of. Pretty much as usual two things happened. We got snowed under with girls and internet got hard to find, thus making blogging a lot harder. The last two weeks has been fairly hellish. Day one of a two week trip, my main camera died – well, not entirely dead, its just wouldn’t focus in the right place, being a few inches out. (And as we all knowing its the inches in porn that make soooo much difference!) Also the first venue turned out to be total crap – really small and no working internet at all.

At the end of the first days shooting I had exactly 4 sets, half a camera and a third of a location. Not good, so something needed to be done, and quickly. trips are like a sinking boat at the best of times. You’re bailing water the entire time, trying to stop the boat sinking, if you stop, its almost impossible to catch up. On a trip, its like that with expenses. Stop shooting and they continue to pile up, but you have nothing to show for it, and no way to regain the loses. After a frantic few hours on the phone and internet I found a new place to move to, really nice and internet. Of course it still wasn’t ideal. Wrong side of the island and only available for 3 days, but it was a start.

So off we headed to the other side of the island, and unpacked, then off to Ibiza town to pick up the first real model – Molly (the girl on the poolside) – She had come in on the ferry from the mainland, and I’d hyped her in my head to be one of the highlights of the trip. At this point I really needed something to go right or I’d be going a wee bit Gordon Ramsey. The following morning, when we started shooting I finally got to smile for the first time in three days, she was great; Skinny and rude. She’ll be going up in the next available update. Because of the ferry times and all the buggering around we didn’t shoot wuite as much as I’d hoped, but its still way over 10 sets (I’m guessing here.)

Once she’d been packed of back on the boat, it was time to start the REAL Ibiza girls. If you’re new around here, you’ll probably wonder what a “real” Ibiza girl is. Simple, its a brand new girl, found on the island, shot on the island, usually never seen before elsewhere, and then often never seen again after the end of the season. In essence the holy grail of amateur porn. Real girls, looking great, seen once and then never seen again. Now, here in lies a problem. Ibiza is a small island and its gossipy. On the one hand it makes finding more girls relatively easy, on the other hand it means, too much content from Ibiza too early in the season becomes a bad thing – the girls get found out and its puts off others from having a go. Its like a very small village populated by nothing other than gossipy teenagers, they work together and play together, all day every day. So, for now, I’m going to just tease and show cryptic pics and reveal a few stats. Seven new girls. All total newbies to porn, pics to follow as I go through and output them to websize.

Week two was when things really got into gear. Jenna flew in from the UK. Clearly, from the pics you’ve seen already she’s set to be a star. Those boobs are real and 30E, but its the total package that really wins, I’ve never seen such a toned body AND such large boobs, rest assured we will be making the most of her! One thing that made shooting her so damn easy was that we had finally found a great location – Can Limon – A villa in an old lemon grove – Close to town, its own pool, aircon and just a great place. For the first time in ages, we had a week of plain sailing, the results of which you will start to see very shortly. So, as the saying goes, when fate gives you lemons, make porn. And lemonade.