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Simonscans has been online since 1999. Just think about that for a second. In 1999 Bill Clinton was president, and the highest spec desktop computer of the day had less of everything than midrange mobile phone today. Time has passed and it’s had consequences for this site as well. Photos have stood up to the test of time quite well, but video has been a real bitch and the time has finally arrived where we’ve had no choice but to abandon the old movie part of the site and move all the movies to something more modern.

The new movie area is now live but not all the old movies have made the move. Some of the very oldest lowest resolution ones just aren’t worth the effort to re-encode and publish, so they are gone. The end. Sorry. On the other hand over half of the movies have now been re-encoded and uploaded to the new movie section – better looking and smaller encodes and more universal playback have been worth the effort.

I’ve worked through the re-encodes based on ease, speed and my favourites but I’m now that the point where I need your feedback – whats missing? Which movies would you like to see again? Drop me an email at and I’ll see if we still have the masters…