Moodiness in Prague

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So many things to update since the diary pages died of, well, who knows. Some kind of PHP flu or something. Anyway, back now and all working.

Big news would be – we went to Prague to get away from cold and wintery blighty. Oh, bollocks, twas even more cold and wintery in Prague. Hehe, now I get to do a cheesey link by saying how hot the girls were! As well as shooting a bunch if fit birds – who were a real refeshing change in general – hard working and enthusiatic even if we only had two words in common – I know that “prosim” means please in Praguish and they all know what “wider” means in english. Anyhoo, between Back to back shoots I found a couple of hours to wander about the town and do some moody old school artsy black and white pics, just like in the old days when I was a starving aritste before porn took me over to the dark side :)

So Click on the erie glowing torso here to see my holiday snaps. Next weeks holiday snaps – Shots of me in shorts at Bognor