Dog, baring its teeth.

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ibiza020732.jpgI get a lot of requests for outtakes or blooper shots to be shown on the site – so heres one from a couple of weeks ago. Jaime the poor model had a real fright as the dog appeared from nowhere – I’d seen him ambling towards the villa from where I was shooting from but with her back to the road she was blindsided completly! He wandered through the shoot, and then wandered off totally unfased by it all. Doesn’t he know who I am?

In other news now I’m back in the UK fulltime I’ve started fixing a few little glitches around the site – The members start page should now all line up correctly and the wrongly timed updates during this week shouldn’t happen again. The main remaining one I can’t fix is the Q and A – Its a job for a real programmer so its beyond my skills. Sooooo, for the next week or so, if you have any questions you can mail them directly to me and apologies for not replying sooner if you have outstanding questions I’ve not yet answered.